We Offer YUZUSCO to those in the restaurant.. - YUZUSCO
Yuzusco is a new spicy seasoning
used by a growing number of eating
and drinking establishments
throughout the country who seek the
finest in food products.
The rich fragrance of the citron, the
spiciness of green chili peppers, and
the bracing aftertaste of the vineger
bring out the flavors of the individual
ingredients of a dish to the maximum.
That's why it is valued as a spice
that will greatly enhance the taste of
any cuisine.
We recommend that you try Yuzusco,
whether for creating a new dish or to
use as spice for an old favorite.
Japanese-style roast chicken - YUZUSCO

Just what is Yuzusco?
A type of cuisine? A confection? A beverage? No, not at all!
Yuzusco is a liquid pepper-like spice made with citron that offers
a new taste experience.
There are few ingredients: just citron rinds, vineger, and chili peppers.
It goes well with all types of cuisine, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese.
Once you use it, you won't want to stop - it'll become a habit.

Carefully selected ingredients - YUZUSCO
The citron seasoning that we developed. - YUZUSCO

Culitivated for many years in China and the Korean
peninsula as well as Japan, citron has a rich aroma and a
full acidity. Highly resistant to cold weather, it is one of the
few citrus fruits in East Asia that grows in the wild.
It is widely used in Japanese cuisine as a seasoning by
squeezing it over food for its fragrance and acidity. It is
used for many different types ofdishes throughout the country.
In Kyushu, the early ripened or ripened citron peel is
pickled in salt, mixed with pepper, and used as a spice.
The spice with the early ripened peel is used as a green
spicy pepper, and that with the ripened peel as red spicy
pepper. The spiciness of the pepper intriguingly
envelops the rich aroma and acidity of the citron. Its use
has spread from Kyushu to become widely employed as
"citron pepper" throughout Japan.

The citron from the eastern Mera district.. - YUZUSCO

Of the many citron production regions, the eastern Mera
district is known for fruit with a particularly pungent
aroma. The high altitude and sharp temperature
differential between the seasons results in fogs that
create the optimum conditions for growing the citron
used in spices. the citron rinds are peeled completely by
hand to prevent heat friction from removing the aroma.
The Yuzusco is completed by combining the fruit with
only the spiciest of green chili peppers, and finished with
the addition of vineger carefully chosen as worthy of a
product from a local company with 300 years of history.

YUZUSCO has a rich unique aroma and mild spiciness.. - YUZUSCO

While there are many types of spices, few elicit the intrinsic
flavor of the ingredients used to make them.
The rich unique aroma of citron, the spiciness of green chili
peppers, and the crisp tartness of vinegar are combined
in Yuzusco to provide the perfect accent to the food and
expand thepotential inherent in the food itself.

Pizza & Pasta - YUZUSCO
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